BhabuaRoad: Crocodile caught in place of fish in Suara river, terror in area:There was chaos in the area around Suara river passing through Bhabua Nagar on Thursday. Actually on Thursday, a crocodile got caught in the net while fishing in the Suara River. Which weighed more than about 50 kg.


On arrival, the forest department took the crocodile. Later she was released into the Durgavati reservoir. At the same time, the fisherman escaped from the spot, due to which he could not be identified.

Crocodile caught in place of fish in Suara river
Crocodile caught in place of fish in Suara river

According to the information received, like every day, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel College of Bhabhua Nagar landed in the Maduara River behind the College for the purpose of fishing. From this side of the river to the other side, the fisherman had laid a trap in the morning. Around 9 o’clock in the morning, when he took out the net and tried to see how many fish were trapped in the net, a crocodile appeared in it. This fisherman was terrified. At the same time there was chaos among people living in houses nearby. He quickly informed the forest department about this.


On the occasion, the Forest Department team reached and caught the crocodile after much struggle. The crocodile was caught by putting a stick in its mouth. After that, he was tied with a rope and loaded on a forest department vehicle and taken to Durgavati reservoir located in Rampur block. After that, with the help of motor vote, he was taken to the Durgavati reservoir ie Karamchat Dam and left in the middle. At the time of releasing the crocodile, there was a stick in his mouth.


A worker told that if the stick had gone out of the mouth, it could have turned the motor vote into the water. Apart from this, people of the team could also attack. This step was taken in view of security. He was released after going into the water for a distance of about two kilometers. Bhabhua Ranger Manoj Kumar, Forest Department soldier Chandi, Manister etc. were present in the team.


It was informed in the morning by a person that a crocodile has been recovered from the Suara River. After this, the Forest Department team reached and captured him. After that the team has been left in the Durgavati reservoir. The exercise to protect crocodiles is about to begin.


– Manoj Kumar, Ranger, Bhabhua, Forest Department was in crocodile price


According to sources, the cost of a crocodile is lakhs of rupees. In such a situation, if someone had secretly sold the crocodile to other places, then he would have got a big amount of money. But this work would have been full of dangers. Because if the crocodile strikes somewhere, then the person’s life could also be lost. At the same time, there is no one to buy crocodiles in the surrounding areas. In such a situation, if someone tried to sell, then an FIR was registered under the Forest Act and action would be taken against him.


Crocodiles are in many places in the district


There are crocodiles in many places in the district. The forest department itself confirms this. The Karkatgarh Falls in the district is a crocodile in a pit. According to sources, there are about 80 crocodiles in Karkatgarh. Apart from this, there is also a lot of crocodile in Durgavati reservoir. Apart from this, crocodiles have also been seen in Sura river. In this month, the team of Central Forest Department came in this month itself. Who came to know the number of crocodiles. And what can be an exercise towards their protection. There was going to be planning about this too. The team had told at that time that there are crocodiles in more than 100 places in Kaimur.

BhabuaRoad: Crocodile caught in place of fish in Suara river, terror in area

Karkatgarh better place for crocodile conservation

Karkatgarh is a better place for the protection of crocodiles in the district. The great thing is that the number of crocodiles from there is fine. Apart from this, by increasing the number of crocodiles there, their conservation can be done. Apart from this, it is also difficult to reach people there. Apart from this, people are not in contact due to the bottom of the waterfall.


Species seen in cold weather

Crocodile species often appear in the cold. Because the water of the reservoir and rivers gets cold in the cold. After coming out of the sun, they get out of the water and enjoy the sun. At such a time, the number of crocodiles is known. Due to this, the team came to know about the number after the cold weather. During this time, crocodiles take their children out of the water and cook themselves in the sun. Apart from this, crocodiles are also counted by the shape made on the tails. There is a technique to identify it.



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