Bhabuaroad: National Lok Adalat to be set up tomorrow, 11 benches set up:The National Lok Adalat will be held in Kaimur District Behavioral Court on Saturday, September 13.

Preparations for this Lok Adalat have been almost completed.

11 benches set up
11 benches set up

District and Sessions Judge Om Prakash Shrivastava told the media that the promises will be executed immediately in the National Lok Adalat.


All types of reconciliation foreclosure, civil, bank loan, money suit, land acquisition, wage act, measurement, motor vehicle accident, claim, forest, electricity etc. will be executed on the basis of mutual reconciliation of the parties.

A total of 11 benches have been set up for the hearing. Judicial officers and personnel have been deputed on all benches.

Bhabuaroad: National Lok Adalat to be set up tomorrow, 11 benches set up

The court will start from ten o’clock in the morning.

Deputed Judicial Officer and Advocate on Benches constituted –

Bench number one

RM Tripathi – Principal Judge

Ashok Kumar Sinha – Advocate

Bench number two

Kajal Zamb – ADJ III

Raj Kumar Mishra – Advocate Member

Bench number three

Vibha Dwivedi – SDJM


Indravasi Kumari – Advocate Member

Bench number four

Shamim Raza – JM I

Subhash Chandra Tiwari – Advocate

Bench Number – Five

Sandeep Kumar Mishra – Sub Judge First Cum ACJM First

Vinay Kumar Singh – Advocate

Bench number six

Rajesh Kumar Verma – Sub Judge VIII cum ACJM V

Manish Kumar Pandey – Advocate

Bench Number – Seven

Sunil Kumar Chaubey – Sub Judge III cum ACJM IV

Arvid Kumar Srivastava – Advocate

Bench Number – Eight

Sumit Ranjan – CJM

Alok Kumar Rai – Advocate

Bench Number – Nine

Alok Kumar Pandey – ADJ VII

Chathu Ram – Advocate

Bench Number – 10

Rohit Srivastava – Munsif

Sanjid Ahmed – Advocate Member

Bench Number – 11

Neha Singh – JM II

Rupesh Kumar Singh – Advocate Member

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