Top coaching institutes for IIT-JEE in Kota:With a fresh year just starting many students might be anticipating admission in Kota new batch 2019. Now on one hand many students might have already decided the coaching institute they want to study in, there on the other hand many students might be facing difficulty in taking a decision. To solve the perplexity of the latter category of students we have listed the top coaching institutes in Kota for preparation of IIT-JEE. The institutes have been listed in decreasing order of their popularity. Browsing through this list shall certainly help you in deciding which is the best institute for IIT-JEE in Kota.

Top coaching institutes for IIT-JEE in Kota
Top coaching institutes for IIT-JEE in Kota

Top coaching institutes for IIT-JEE in Kota


Resonance laid its foundation in the year 2001 and since then it has come a very long way. It has given the highest number of qualifications for JEE Advanced and has the power to generate more IITians each year. The teachers at Resonance are highly skilled and in fact 25% of them are ex-IITians. Resonance also provides the students with more study material as compared to the other institutes off the city. The institute keeps on growing as each year more and more students seek admission in Resonance. The growth of the institute can also be understood by the fact that over the years it has expanded its operation to many major cities in the country.


Allen Career Institute

Just like Resonance, Allen Career Institute laid its foundation in Kota and since then it has opened its branches in several cities of the country. Each year the institute produces many students who get through the prestigious IIT’s. There is good news for students who are stressed about Kota coaching fees – Each year Allen institute conducts Allen scholarship cum admission test (ASAT). Under this test the students who score excellent marks are granted scholarship.

Vibrant Academy

Vibrant Academy has risen to this position as a result of providing remarkable results in IIT-JEE each year. In a very little time it has become a strong contender among the top coaching institutes of Kota. As a result of the reputation gained by it, many students have made Vibrant Academy their preferred institute.

Aakash Institute

Over the years Aakash institute has helped many students realise their dream of becoming an IITian. It is quite a famous and preferred coaching institute and has many branched spread all over India.

Bansal Classes

Bansal Classes is one of the oldest coaching institutes in the city and it has always been a class apart. Although the rising competition has decreased its popularity a bit, but it still produces remarkable results. Being in the field for many years means a lot of experience, and this richness of experience is what draws thousands of students to Bansal classes.

Brilliant Tutorial

Brilliant tutorial is another pioneer in the name of IIT-JEE coaching. Its faculty comprises of more than 125 highly qualified and experienced professors. Like the other coaching institutes, Brilliant Tutorial also designs its curriculum and provides study materials to students. The past record of Brilliant Tutorial has been exceptional ad many of its students have qualified JEE.


Narayana is a trusted name when it comes to IIT-JEE coaching in India. It has its presence in more than 17 cities of the country and it has shown tremendous past records of selection in IIT-JEE. All this has made this institute a preferred one by many students.


FIIT JEE has many branches spread all over the country however its Kota branch is the most preferred one. Each year at least 20 students of FIIT JEE Kota bag ranks under top 100 and at least 50 students achieve a rank under top 500, in the JEE entrance examinations.

We hope that with this list you will get clarity on the top coaching institutes of Kota and be able to decide which one you want to get admission into.



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